CBD COP11 – Hyderabad 2012

At CBD COP11 in Hyderabad, GYBN assumed its role as official major group for youth and closely collaborated with the CBD Secretariat as well as other major groups and governments, accommodating the diversity of all the different youth groups and initiatives in one united voice. photo 2

Through GYBN, young people successfully captured the attention of delegates, media and governments, advocating for stronger youth participation in biodiversity-related decision-making processes on all levels. GYBN also organized several side events and press conferences, delivered interventions and awarded the Dodo Award as well as the Busy Bee Award.



Youth Position Paper

GYBN Position Paper for CBD COP11


Intervention Texts

COP11 – GYBN 1st Intervention – Opening Ceremony

COP11 – GYBN 2nd Intervention on Stakeholder Engagement – 10.10. 2012

COP-11 Joint Intervention Between GYBN and Go4Biodiv

Finance Intervention


Newsletter Articles

Square Brackets

GYBN Article in Square Brackets


GYBN ECO Article


Media Coverage

Youth Want to be a Part of COP-11 Decision Making by Andhra Pradesh

GYBN Side Event Press Release

Secretariat Document on CBD COP-11 Youth Activities



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Youth platform for participation at the Convention on Biological Diversity

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