GYBN Interventions

SBSTTA-18 (June 2014)

GYBN Intervention on Invasive Species

GYBN Intervention on Synthetic Biology

GYBN Intervention on Climate Change and Biodiversity

GYBN Statement in the SBSTTA-18 Closing Plenary


WGRI-5 (June 2014)

GYBN Intervention on Mainstreaming Biodiversity in the SDGs

GYBN Intervention on Cooperation with other Conventions

GYBN Intervention on Stakeholder Engagement

GYBN Statement in the WGRI Closing Plenary


CBD COP11 (October 2012)

GYBN Position Paper for CBD COP11

COP11 – GYBN 1st Intervention – Opening Ceremony

COP11 – GYBN 2nd Intervention on Stakeholder Engagement – 10.10. 2012

COP-11 Joint Intervention Between GYBN and Go4Biodiv

Finance Intervention


CBD COP10 (October 2010

Speech of International Youth at the Opening Ceremony of CBD COP10

Intervention by Japanese Youth in Working Group 2 (Strategic Plan)

Japanese Youth Position on the Mission Statement of the Strategic Plan

Japanese Youth Position on Target 5 of the Strategic Plan

Position Paper by Biodiversity on the Brink (Japan)




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Youth platform for participation at the Convention on Biological Diversity

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