CBD COP10 – Nagoya 2010

The tenth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP10) took place in Nagoya, Japan, from October 18th to 29th. With 18,650 participants, COP10 was the largest Biodiversity conference in the history of the United Nations and also finally enabled representatives from all the conferences and youth-NGOs mentioned above to meet up.

Following intensive discussions among youth delegates from 31 countries during the two-week negotiations in Nagoya, the decision to start preparatory measures for the establishment of GYBN was finally taken at the end of COP10.

Although the number of youth representatives at COP10 was relatively small with just over 30 youth delegates attending, the group worked quite efficiently and accomplished a lot during the two weeks. Among others they organized daily coordination meetings, managed to host two side events, established youth working groups to follow all main issues at the COP, conducted several creative actions, gave a press conference and had the chance to deliver statements during the opening-ceremony, the high level segment and the closing session.comp_Biodiversity on the Brink ACTION on17th Oct. The work of the youth delegates received widespread coverage in a number of Japanese, Canadian and international newspapers. Motivated by the strong support from the CBD Secretariat and inspired by the great successes of youth representatives in other UN processes, the idea to create a global network to unite young people working on Biodiversity led to intensive discussions.


Speech of International Youth at the Opening Ceremony of CBD COP10

Intervention by Japanese Youth in Working Group 2 (Strategic Plan)

Japanese Youth Position on the Mission Statement of the Strategic Plan

Japanese Youth Position on Target 5 of the Strategic Plan

Position Paper by Biodiversity on the Brink (Japan)



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Youth platform for participation at the Convention on Biological Diversity

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