Background Documents

Background information, introductory materials, position papers, fact sheets etc. to all issues on the agenda of COP12 will be made available here.



A Guide for Working Group Chairs at COP and SBSTTA Meetings by the CBD Secretariat (2010)
*a great source of information if you want to understand the procedures and decision-making processes at a COP. Explains very well how a draft text evolves into a COP-decision.

An Activist’s Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity – by CBD Alliance (August 2014)
*most recent publication about the CBD-process, provides a good overview of the convention, includes excellent summaries about most CBD issues, less focus on the instituational framework of the CBD, the procedures and decision-making processes at COP

Understanding COP10 – by the CBD Secretariat and the Government of Japan (2010)
*written in 2010 for COP10 but still up to date, gives an excellent overview of the institutional framework of the CBD and procedures at a COP.

Visual Introduction to the CBD by Earth in Brackets (2013)

Youth Guide to the Convention on Biodiversity (in German) by NAJU (2013)
*if you can read German the best introduction to the CBD-process, written by youth delegates for youth delegates.


More Introductory Materials to the CBD-Process

GYBN Thematic Database



All official documents can be found here:

Provisional Agenda (revised version of July 15)

Annotated Provisional Agenda (provisional agenda with brief comments on each agenda item, revised version of August 1)

 Compilation of Draft Decisions for COP12  (version of August 1) *IMPORTANT – important document for all who want follow the negotiations!

Draft of the Gangwon Declaration (Planned Outcome of the High Level Segment) page 5 and following


COP12 will, among others, deal with the following agenda items:

1) Mid-Term Review of Progress towards the Goals of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity, development of further tools and guidance where necessary

IUCN Position Paper on the Implementation of the Strategic Plan for CBD COP11 (2012)

Implementation of the Strategic Plan – A first assessment in four European countries – Study by Friends of the Earth Europe (2012)


2) Review of updated National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs)

CBD Fact Sheet on NBSAPs

Natioal Reports Information Page

 CBD Fifth National Reports Information Portal

List of Fifth National Reports received until today


3) Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

  • Contribution of Biodiversity to the Post-2015 Development Agenda and Mainstreaming of Biodiversity in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Outcome Document of the Open Working Group for the SDGs

NGO Position Paper – The Ecological Dimension in the Post-2015 Agenda

Medellín Dialogue Policy Brief on the SDGs

GYBN Intervention on Mainstreaming Biodiversity into the SDGs – delivered at WGRI-5 (June 2014)


4) Resource Mobilization – setting of a final target for Resource Mobilization

CBD Website on Resource Mobilization

Joint Position Paper on Resource Mobilization for COP11 by BirdLife International, WWF, Conservation International and the Nature Conservancy (2012)

Joint Position Paper on Resource Mobilization for WGRI-5 by BirdLife International, WWF, Conservation International and the Nature Conservancy (June 2014) *recommended for reading!

CBD Resource Mobilization Targets: The view of NGOs after WGRI-5 by Günter Mitlacher for WWF International (July 2014)

Civil Society view on Scaling Up Biodiversity-Finance, Resource Mobilization and Innovative Financial Mechanisms – by Simone Lovera for the CBD Alliance (June 2014)


5) MOP1 of the Nagoya-Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources

CBD Fact Sheet on Access and Benefit-sharing

CBD Website on the Nagoya Protocol

Nagoya Protocol – Technical Brief – by UEBT (2011)

Critical Analysis and Background of the Nagoya Protocol – by TWN, Bread for the World, ECOROPA (2013)

The Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing – An Analysis – by Gurdial Singh Nijar (2011) *written by one the chief negotiators, very insightful and critical


6) Launch of the 4th Edition of the Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO4)

CBD Website on GBO4

 Access to the Draft GBO4 documents


7) Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

  • Description of ecologically or biologically significant marine areas (EBSAs)
  • Ocean Acidification
  • Coral Bleaching
  • Underwater Noise
  • Marine Debris

CBD Fact Sheet on Marine and Costal Biodiversity

Brochure on EBSAs by SCBD (2012)

20 Facts about Ocean Acidification (November 2013)

Ocean Acidification Fact Sheet by Ocena Ark Alliance

State of the Science Fact Sheet – Ocean Acidification by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

What is Coral Bleaching? by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Coral Bleaching Fact Sheet (2005)

Ocean Plastic and Sea Turtles

Background paper on Marine Plastic Litter by Friends of the Earth Germany

What are long-term threads of plastic in our Oceans? – BBC, January 2013

The Problem of Marine Plastic Polution – by Clean Water Action

How critical is the impact of underwater noise on Marine Mammals? Presentation by Patrick Miller Scottish Oceasns Institute/St. Andrews University

Determination of noise exposure criteria – the German Approach  by German Federal Environment Agency

How relevant are the effect of wind fram noise on fish? by  Department of Underwater Research Sweden

Experiences with the application of underwater Sound criteria by US Department of Commerce

Development of Sound Mitigation Measures in Offshore Windfarm Construction by German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

Go4Biodiv Declaration on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity (2012)


8) Climate Change and Biodiversity

  • Advice on the application of Biodiversity Safeguards in REDDplus
  • Joint mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • Geoengineering

CBD Website about Climate Change and Biodiversity

Adressing Climate Change: Why Biodiversity matters – Project Website by UNEP-WCMC

Policy Brief – Adressing Climate Change: Why Biodiversity Matters by UNEP-WCMC

Climate and Geoengineering by ETC Group

Geopiracy – The Case against Geoengineering – by ETC Group

World Map of Geoengineering Experiments – by ETC Group

Geoengineering Moratorium of the CBD – Article by ETC

Geoengineering Information Portal – by SCBD

 Study on Options and Proposals for the International Governance of Geoengineering – by the German Federal Environmental Agency (2014)

REDDplus and Biodiversity – UNEP Fact Sheet

REDDplus and Biodiversity – CBD Technical Series No. 59

Biodiversity and Livelihoods – REDDplus Benefits by SCBD and GIZ (2011)

Challenges for the Implementation of Biodiversity Safeguards in REDDplus – by Wilderness Society

REDDplus and Biodiversity Safeguards – Decisions and Activities by the CBD (June 2011)

GYBN Intervention on Climate Change and Biodiversity – delivered at SBSTTA-18 (June 2014)


9) Invasive Species

  • guidance on implementing national measures
  • best practice to raise awareness on invasive species
  • avoiding the risks of the introduction and spread of invasive alien animal species from commercial zoos and safari parks

CBD Fact Sheet on Invasive Species

GYBN Intervention on Invasive Species – delivered at SBSTTA-18 (June 2014)


10) New and Emerging Issues – Synthetic Biology

Information Page about Synthetic Biology by the ETC Group

Synthetic Biology – 10 key points for delegates – by ETC Group (2012)

Extreme Genetic Engineering – An Introduction to Synthetic Biology – by ETC Group

Information Page about Synthetic Biology by Friends of the Earth

GYBN Intervention on Synthetic Biology, delivered at SBSTTA-18 (June 2014)


11) Collaboration with IPBES


12) Cooperation with other Biodiversity-related Conventions, the Rio-Conventions and other international organizations

GYBN Intervention on Cooperation with other Conventions – delivered at WGRI-5 (June 2014)


13) Business and Biodiversity

Global Platform on Business and Biodiversity


14) Stakeholder Engagement including youth and children

GYBN Intervention on Stakeholder Engagement – delivered at WGRI-5 (June 2014)


15) Review of the application of the Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development

CBD Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development

 CBD Factsheet on Biodiversity and Tourism


16) Progress in achieving the targets of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

Link to the CBD Website on the Global Strategy for Plan Conservation


17) Bushmeat and Sustainable Wildlife Management

Decision of COP11 on Bushmeat and Sustainable Wildlife Management

FAO’s work on sustainable use of bush meat

Sustainable Use of Bushmeath – The Wildlife Crisis by Julis Mbotiji for FAO (2002)


18) Biofuels and Biodiversity

CBD Website on Biofuels


19) Mainstreaming Gender considerations

 CBD Website on Gender and Biodiversity

CBD Fact Sheet on Gender and Biodiversity

Guidelines for Mainstraiming Gender into National Biodiversity Stratgies and Action Plans – CBD Technical Series

Women and Biodiversity: The Core of Existence – by UNEP


NGO Position Papers  and other materials for WGRI-5 & SBSTTA-18 (June 2014)

WWF Position Paper

IUCN Position Paper

Vilm Report – Report of the European Expert Meeting in Preparation of SBSTTA-18


NGO Position Papers and other materials for COP11 (October 2012)

Issue Briefings for COP11 – by CBD Alliance

IUCN Compiliation of Positions for COP11

WWF COP11 Overview of Positions

WWF Position on REDDplus

NABU (BirdLife Germany) Position Paper for COP11


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