GYBN Africa

The Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) is the biggest international network of youth organizations and individuals, with a common goal of biodiversity conservation and its sustainable use. GYBN initiates development of regional and national functional chapters across the world to inspire, encourage and support young professionals in their engagement for biodiversity conservation, career development, but also recognizing the importance and value of engaging them in furthering the objectives of the GYBN and the Convention on Biological Diversity. This expansion and inclusive strategy have created an enabling environment for the establishment of several chapters including GYBN Africa. In fact, Africa is the most youthful continent and is immensely rich in biodiversity but the continent is also experiencing unprecedented rates of population growth, urbanization and agricultural development, which create immense challenges in reconciling human well-being with environmental and economic prosperity. To this end, GYBN Africa aims to bring the voice of young Africans on biodiversity policy arenas, empower African youth and raise the awareness of the values of biodiversity among African people. Since last year, GYBN Africa has supported the development of 4 national chapters (Madagascar, South Africa, Morocco, and Zimbabwe) across the continent and is looking forward to engaging with more national chapters before COP14 in Egypt.


Youth platform for participation at the Convention on Biological Diversity

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