GYBN Elections 2015

Dear Members of GYBN,

As you might be aware of, the two-year term of the GYBN Steering Committee 2013-2015 is coming to its end. In accordance with the GYBN Statute and the Guidelines for the GYBN Election Process we would like to invite registered member of our network to submit applications for positions in the GYBN Steering Committee 2015-2017.

Applications can be submitted through the following link:

The deadline for the submission of applications is Sunday, December 27th 2015 at 23:59 GMT.

Please also submit via email the following required documents to

  1. a) a Small Digital Photograph of yourself
  2. b) a Short Biography of 200 words about you, your biodiversity related  work and qualification, and also your motivation to apply for the position,

Make sure to save them in this format: Full name_Name of the document_Country. Your biography will be used during the voting process so that the electorate can get to know you a little bit more.

Please note that incomplete or late nominations will not be considered!

In accordance with the GYBN Statute, only individuals who have registered themselves as members of GYBN until 1st of December 2015 and are between 18 and 28 years of old by the time of this announcement are eligible to apply for a position in the Steering Committee

Please also note that these positions are entirely voluntary (non-paid!) and carry a great amount of responsibility. This position is not meant to be used as a brush up for your CV!

Being a member of the GYBN Steering Committee is a unique and rewarding opportunity that provides you the chance to help coordinate a growing network of young people from all over the world. By taking on this leadership role, you will help to shape our network’s profile and be responsible for planning GYBN activities that help to educate young people about the values of Biodiversity and to empower youth to take part in decision-making processes on the international level. By being a member of the Steering Committee, you will be dealing with a considerable amount of work every week, which requires participation in regular online meetings on the weekend.

Please be aware that the coordination of an international youth network requires a strong commitment and can consume large amounts of time, especially but not only before and during CBD meetings or other relevant conferences. We ask that you please consider your current and future commitment, as this is a two year term.

If a Steering Committee member should not be able to adequately fulfill her/his responsibilities or fail to attend meetings/reply to important emails without a reasonable explanation, at any point during the two-year term, she/he can be removed from the Steering Committee. (see para 1.5 of the Terms of Reference of the GYBN Steering Committee at

So please only apply for these positions if you are sure that you have the necessary resources and capacities!


A candidate for the GYBN Steering Committee should:

  • Possess a good understanding of the CBD processes;
  • Have previous experience participating in GYBN activities, virtual or otherwise;
  • Have previous experience with initiating biodiversity-related projects;
  • Be able to commit to a two-year term;
  • Be supported by their organization or institution of origin;
  • Have excellent English conversational, writing, and reading skills.
  • Have demonstrated leadership skills;
  • Have excellent communication skills;
  • Have demonstrated ability to work well in a team;
  • Be self-motivated;
  • Be committed to maintaining a strong and positive relationship with the CBD Secretariat;
  • Be of an age between 18 and 28 years
  • Have reliable internet access to be able to work and maintain effective communication;
  • Be able to promote the values of GYBN and its Code of Conduct;
  • Availability for in-term participation in the COP and intersessional meetings is a plus;
  • Be committed to promoting youth empowerment and participation within the CBD process;
  • Be committed to maintain an inclusive, transparent, and representative mandate within the GYBN processes.
  • Note that North-South representation is ensured during the election, while gender balance is highly recommended.

The GYBN Steering Committee operates with transparent practices as the coordinating body of the network to support its members and ensure that its mission and objects are achieved.

The mandate of the GYBN Steering is detailed in the GYBN Statute and is available here:
In addition, the Terms of Reference of the Steering Committee provide further guidance for implementation of the SC’s work:

In accordance with our statute, GYBN aims to ensure gender and regional balance in the composition of the Steering Committee. Therefore the GYBN Steering Committee has a total of between eight (8) and thirteen (13) members representing the following groups:

  • Six (6) to twelve (12) representatives of all World Regions, coming from one of the following world regions: Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe.
  • At least one (1) place is reserved for a representative of Local and Indigenous Youth.

Individuals from both the Global North and the South must be represented in the Steering Committee and gender balance and linguistic diversity is strongly recommended!

The elected Steering Committee will be responsible to elect two Focal Points out of its members based on pre-defined criteria. The two Focal Points must have extensive previous experience with working with GYBN and the CBD-Process and are serving as communication channel (contact person) between the network and external bodies (in particular but not limited to, the CBD Secretariat). For the Focal Points, it is mandatory that one person is from the Global South and the other from the Global North. In addition, gender balance among the two Focal Points is strongly encouraged.

In addition to the representatives listed above and in order to facilitate the coordination of activities before and during the COP, the Steering Committee can invite GYBN members from the current and the upcoming COP presidency countries to join the Steering Committee: One (1) representative from the current COP presidency and one (1) representative from the upcoming COP presidency.

In accordance with the GYBN Statute and the Guidelines for GYBN Election Processes, the election process is divided into two stages:

Stage 1: Internal re-election of up to six (6) current Steering Committee members.
To ensure a healthy balance between new and old Steering Committee members and in order to facilitate a smooth and comprehensive transfer of knowledge, up to six current Steering Committee members can be reelected through an internal election.

Facilitated by the Alumni Board, this internal election has been conducted between October 25 and November 2 2015. The following six individuals have been re-elected and will serve on the Steering Committee:

Dayna Noltie (Canada), Christian Schwarzer (Germany), Mirna Ines Fernandez (Bolivia), Reem Al Mealla (Bahrain), Shailyn Drukis (Canada), Swetha Stotra Bashyam (India).

Stage 2: Public election for the remaining Steering Committee positions.
The remaining positions will be filled through a public election. In order to ensure unbiased and transparent elections, the elections will be organized by the Alumni Board. The Alumni board consists of former Steering Committee members that wish to keep supporting the work of the network but do not run for any position in the SC anymore.

The Alumni Board will check the applications and verify:

  1. Eligibility
  2. Completion of all required documents
  3. Accuracy and veracity of the information provided
  4. Accordance with the election criteria for Steering Committee members.

Verified applications will then be compiled and inserted into an online voting platform. Registered individual members of GYBN that are between 18 and 30 years old by the time of this announcement will then be asked to submit their votes through the online voting platform. The Alumni Board will count the ballot and will announce the results of the elections.

Online voting for the Steering Committee positions will start a few days after the deadline for the submission of applications.

We will send an email to all members about how to vote when the voting opens. If you have any question about the elections, please feel free to contact the Election Committee at

We wish you all the best with your applications!
Your GYBN Alumni Board


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