Terms of Reference

GYBN Terms of Reference (ToR)

  1. Steering Committee
  2. Focal Points
  3. Representatives of the current and the upcoming CBD COP Presidency
  4. Alumni Board
  5. Working Groups
  6. External Advisors


1. Terms of Reference of the Steering Committee (SC)

1.1 Skills

  • Operate strategically and efficiently during their term;
  • Be able to provide capacity building training to the network and/or newly elected SC members;
  • Be able to identify opportunities and partnerships for training and capacity-building for the network;
  • Working as a team in a multicultural environment.

1.2 Time commitments

  • Available to meet online at least once every month to coordinate the network’s activities and action plans;
  • Ensure sufficient time is allocated towards SC activities during the entire term, and a minimum of three to five hours a week should be dedicated to the work of the Steering Committee.

1.3 Coordination

  • Ensure the participation of members in the network’s activities and meetings when possible;
  • Encourage that the network meets deadlines in response to requests for input and participation from the CBD Secretariat and other institutions;
  • Manage the GYBN Steering Committee email account;
  • Manage the GYBN social media accounts;
  • Manage the GYBN mailing list;
  • Manage the GYBN membership registration;
  • Support the work of task forces and working groups.

1.4 Action Plans and Evaluation

  • Develop an Annual Plan of Action and implement it as successfully as possible;
  • Ensure that an annual evaluation of the network takes place and is submitted to members for review and feedback;
  • Conduct self-evaluation of SC members every six months.

1.5 Compliance Mechanism

  • If a member of the Steering Committee is not active, e.g. is not attending Skype conference calls or is not responding to emails, for a period of four weeks without any prior notice he/she will receive a warning.
  • If this Steering Committee member does not respond to the warning and remains inactive for a period of eight weeks, he/she will be invited to resign.


  1. Terms of Reference of the Focal Points (FP)

  • Coordination between the CBD Secretariat, the GYBN and external bodies;
  • Coordination between the SC members;
  • Direct specific matters to the appropriate Working Groups if applicable;
  • Ensure the transparent information transfer to GYBN members about the network and SC’s work by regularly updating and informing them;
  • Establish a trustful relationship between themselves and all members of the network, as well as with other bodies working or interested in working with GYBN.


  1. Terms of Reference of the Representatives of the current and the upcoming CBD COP Presidency

  • Representation of GYBN in national preparatory processes for the CBD COP  such as NGO-meetings, government meetings, preparatory conferences, etc.;
  • Involving GYBN in the preparation and planning of relevant youth activities, campaigns and events;
  • Reaching out to local youth organizations and other relevant stakeholders, such as NGOs and governmental institutions;
  • Promoting the importance of youth participation in CBD-processes, particularly at COP meetings among young people in the host country;
  • Connecting international youth with local and national youth initiatives.


  1. Terms of Reference of the Alumni Board

  • Coordinate the elections process, by reviewing nominations, preparing the voting platform, counting the ballot and announcing the results;
  • If any conflict arises within a body of the network, the Alumni Board can be invited by the Steering Committee to assist in its resolution.
  • Can join or coordinate any given Task Force


  1. Terms of Reference of the Working Groups

The Working Groups are open to all members of the network with no limit on the number of members per working group.

  • Working group member should designate two facilitators as appropriate, whilst encouraging gender balance;
  • Facilitators should work closely with the Steering Committee and the Focal Points;
  • Working Groups have to be in line with the network’s mission and objectives;
  • Members of each Working Group have the responsibility to organize themselves in order to fulfill their tasks;
  • Members should inform the Steering Committee and members about their activities and should encourage the involvement of new members;
  • All relevant documents produced by the Working Groups should be archived.


  1. Terms of Reference of the External Advisors

The Group of External Advisors consists of former members of GYBN and/or experts on biodiversity or youth focused issues of any age. They should agree with their appointment and be willing to support GYBN with their expertise and knowledge. The External Advisors’ mandate is to

  • support GYBN in achieving its mission and objectives, by providing the Steering Committee, Focal Points, network members and the Working Groups with appropriate advice and technical support for their work;
  • the External Advisors may hold their positions for an unlimited length of time, but may be removed from their position by request or Steering Committee suggestion;
  • with their permission, External Advisors may be publically recognized for their contribution;
  • the Steering Committee will share any feedback received from their involvement with the network so that they can act accordingly.

Assistance provided by the External Advisors may include but is not limited to:

  • Drafting of the Annual Plan of Action
  • Consultation with Working Groups
  • Provision of any type of knowledge or resources
  • Participation in meetings



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