GYBN Elections 2016

Candidates for the 2016 GYBN Steering Committee Elections



HOUEHOUNHA Dodé Heim Myline_Small digital Photograph_BENIN

Dodé Heim Myline HOUEHOUNHA – Benin

My name is Dodé Heim Myline HOUEHOUNHA. I’m Beninese and engineer in forestry management since 2011. My passion for biodiversity, cooperation and sustainable development allows me to be admitted in September 2013, at Senghor University of Alexandria (Egypt) for a master degree in protected areas management. During over two years, I have acquired skills related to the biodiversity conservation and protected areas management effectiveness evaluation. As part of my experiences and my professional life integration, I realized some works about the biodiversity’s conservation in west and central African countries since 2011. At the beginning of this year, I’m, as a volunteer, in charge of the IUCN-WCPA YP (World Commission on Protected Areas Young Professionals Group) activities coordination for the west and central Africa region. The goal is to increase actions for the conservation regarding the potentials and challenges of the region in terms of biodiversity. I am also GYBN active member. With all these experiences, I think I can apply for this GYBN position so that I can learn and bring my knowledge for the conservation of biodiversity. Eventually, I have no doubt about my intellectual abilities, my extensive knowledge and my professional experience in biodiversity conservation.



Kaliisa James_photo_Uganda

Kaliisa JAMES – Uganda

James is a 24 year old Ugandan Radio DJ, P.R.O and environmentalist. Through the Power talent search where he serves as the events coordinator and P.R.O he has brainstormed better ways for young people to use renewable energies in the quest of making a living and also as a move to protect the environment. This is because so many young people are engaging in Firewood selling and Charcoal burning.

James as a media personality working with 90.8 Metro fm Uganda also writes for Global Voices Online a Citizen Media news channel where he reports on different issues in Uganda and SS Africa as a whole. During public speaking sessions, James always emphasizes the issue of the future being now and not tomorrow as people say.

James wishes to become part of the GYBN steering committee with a major aim of making sure that the grass root youth get to know about the awesome work of GYBN and how they can also be helpful in their societies, this does not matter if they have computer access or not, we shall get to them. The diverse knowledge of media and campaigns he has will be very useful for GYBN.

RAKOTOARIVELO NJARAMANANA Naliharilala Miora_Photography_Madagascar

Naliharilala Miora RAKOTOARIVELO NJARAMANANA – Madagascar

I have been delegating the Malagasy Youth at the Young Francophone Leaders meeting in Mauritania in 2011, following workshop about entrepreneurial and environment leadership. Then, I joined Malagasy Youth for Sustainable development (MY SD) organization on 2012; I have had the opportunity to participate in our activities and our engagement in bringing positive change in our community that’s why I was elected to be the Youth Advocacy Coordinator in the movement MYSD. I’m an active member and a charter president of the Rotaract Club Bombacaceae since 2009 and rotaract club Athénée Antsirabe on 2013 in Madagascar, until now. Rotaract is an association which takes care about social and environment matters. On March 2013, I was delegating Malagasy youth to in post agenda 2015 for sustainable development in Bonn Germany. The relevant topic that I was participating during this summit is the climate change.I have taken initiative to employ my academic degrees on sciences, as I’m following Master degree in plant physiology and biotechnology in Botanic department in the science faculty. And this year, I’m integrating in Master Agroecology, biodiversity and climate change. I believe that I can fit greatly my candidature for your program, because I’m a wonderful representative of our community gender equality’s struggles within the biodiversity and climate change.

Jackem OTETE

Jackem OTETE – Kenya

My name is otete jackem, born to kenyan parents with their roots in kenya. I live in kenya where i have Passed through all levels of education. I joined primary school in 1999 in makunda primary school in busia county where i was born. I then joined St.peter’s Makunda sec shool in the same locality in 2007 upon completion of kenya certificate of primary education ( K.C.P.E) and then I sat for my Kenya certificate of secondary education (K.C.S.E) after which i was admitted at Egerton University where i did my bachelor degree in wildlife enterprise and management in 2012. My love for nature dates back at the i was admitted in Egerton University to pursue my course. Since then i have engaged in diverse number of activities geared towards conserving our biodiversity. Just to mention, i participated in many tree planting events, research activities in Tsavo east national park, I led a team of attachees in drafting proposal for the park, I participated in birdwatching activities both on my attachment and in the University, I participated in EGG competition in Lumo conservancy, i have done an article on Water quality and challenges in Europe for GYBN and in November 2015, i was nominated as a member of steering committee that organized boat racing event for sitatunga conservation in kisumu impala sanctuary. I therefore feel fit to pertake any responsibility given to me by any organization that is eco-friendly and focus on biodiversity conservation. With my experience in the field, i am hoping to deliver my best and help in solving ecosystem problems of concern.




Tamera Alhusseini_ Profile Pic_Bahrain

Tamera Alhusseini – Saudi Arabia

Tamera completed her BSc in Ecology and Environmental Biology at Imperial College London. Raised in Bahrain, she returned from her studies looking for a way to contribute to the environmental sector in the Middle East – a severely underrated field in the region. She was thrilled to find like-mindedness in the youth of the AYCM Bahrain and as the elected Co-National Coordinator for 2015. Concurrently, she has been working at the Directorate of Biodiversity in the Supreme Council for Environment as project support for the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) project.





Xiomara ACEVEDO – Colombia

Xiomara (Xiomy) Acevedo is a Colombian environmental activist and campaigner. She is the founder and director of the environmental NGO Barranquilla+20, which got some great press coverage and has impacted more than 2,000 children and youth with its campaigns and projects related to biodiversity, water conservation and defense such as MallorquinVIVE, climate change and environmental education.

In the human rights field, Xiomara is active as the Latin American representative of the World Youth Democracy Movement. Locally, she aims to empower regional youth to increasingly participate in political spaces, while advocating for more inclusion. At the international level, she is also volunteers for the Water Youth Network, TUNZA, etc. She is a graduate of the Universidad del Norte in International Relations with an emphasis on international law.

GYBN is a network of youth working for biodiversity and that is alligned to my work which is basically the commitment of my life. And I want to continue supporting GYBN’s work for biodiversity and connecting-empowering youth to tackle the real most challenging issue of our time: biodiversity depletion. I am ready to continue giving all my skills and commitment for GYBN’s causes and to work together in the education and policy involvement of youth as partners for biodiversity.

Juan Pablo Narváez Gómez_Digital Photograph_Brazil

Juan Pablo NARVÁEZ-GÓMEZ – Colombia

My name is Juan Pablo Narváez Gómez, I am 26 years old, and I am from Medellín, Colombia. I am a professional biologist who is currently developing his PhD degree in Botany at the Biosciences institute of the University of São Paulo. My doctoral project aim is to understand how climate change will affect the distribution patterns of a tropical liana plant group in the Neotropical region, and to evaluate how efficient the protected areas of the Amazon would be to safeguard its diversity. I hope that my results could contribute with the conservation and management plans for Amazonian biodiversity.

Since I hear from GYBN and its objective to give a voice to young people interested in biodiversity, I wanted to get in touch and participate in the network activities. I believe that a stronger relationship between science and policy is necessary to identify the requirements, the problems and the solutions to create a social developmental path to a more sustainable world. That is why I am interested in collaborate to attain and to support the objectives of the CBD. Young people have much to say about this because it is their future what is discussed.


Adrian Watson Photo Jamaica

Adrian WATSON – Jamaica

I am a 27 year old graduate from the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. I possess a double major degree in Geography and Zoology.

I have played a leadership role in a number of youth groups such as the Caribbean Youth Environment Network Jamaica Chapter where I served as National Coordinator. I have also been appointed to serve as the Monitoring and Evaluations Chairperson on the management committee for Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement (JOAM) twice in November 2014 and December 2015. I have also worked with the Seaview Gardens Community Development Committee as a block coordinator for the last two years marketing and implementing several community health fairs, and mobilize community youths for training and consultation opportunities in collaboration with the Social Development Commission. I would like to lend my skills in the area of Youth in the Environment, and Youth’s rights to the environment, Leadership, Social and Eco-friendly Entrepreneurship.

I believe that I can lend a hand to the global biodiversity network in the Caribbean being the first of 2 Jamaican members received this year.




Claire Anna RUTHERFORD – UK/France

I am writing to apply for a position on the Steering Committee of GYBN. I am a friendly, open person who likes to learn new things, particularly relating to ecology, but also to new cultures. I like to travel, which I have done a lot, mainly to countries within Europe, and I do now, albeit mainly within the UK, for work. I have a BSc in Ecology and an LLM in Environmental Law and Policy. Having grown up in the countryside I have always loved identifying species, understanding the ecosystems around me, and involving myself in projects that revolve around biodiversity and seek solutions to issues that species face on a local or international scale. For that reason I have done a lot of volunteering, mainly with RSPB (UK) and LPO (France) teams as a bird surveyor, but also as part of local amphibian conservation efforts and larger habitat restoration projects. I now work for an ecological consultancy specialising in biodiversity although my interests range into climate, sustainable agriculture and energy issues. Working as part of the GYBN Steering Group would allow me to get involved in finding solutions to all these biodiversity issues on a global scale and transmit that information. I love the idea of having people from all around the world actively exchanging ideas and hopefully I can bring some experience and knowledge to the table too. Thank you for your consideration.




Youth platform for participation at the Convention on Biological Diversity

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